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Iron Door Production Process

Texas Iron Doors offers the highest quality available because we retain consistency and control throughout the entire process.

The creation of a Texas Iron Door begins with reviewing with each client exactly the style and design that best suits your interest.  We can start with existing designs, or we can create something original. 
Our design team then produces a CAD drawing of each project.  The client and Texas Iron Doors will review and approve all aspects of the project before manufacturing begins.

Once all aspects have been approved, our artisans will begin work on your new Texas Iron Door.  Our artisans have a minimum of ten years experience in the metalwork industry.  These are people who have spent their lifetime perfecting their craft and who take pride in their work, every day.

Moreover, we make sure they have only the most advanced, premium tools and machinery to work with.  We also control all the materials and supplies that are used, enabling us to produce works of the highest quality.

Our hand-forged process entails 100% fully welded steel, solid wrought iron for all scrollwork and extra design elements, and doors with a solid 2” thickness.  Our works are then finished with a primer coat of paint, which is sanded smooth before applying a black finish coat.  After the black finish coat, each client’s individually chosen faux paint is applied.  The last step is a clear sealant applied to the entire door.

Our products are delivered to each client within six to eight weeks from the start of the process. 

We truly meld the best of old world craftsmanship with modern technology, business practices, and professional service.

Iron Door Specifications

14 Gauge Steel Framing

Our doors are constructed of 14 gauge steel framing.


Door thickness is 1 1/2"or 2".


The glass frame comes ready to accommodate 5/8" tempered glass. Other sizes of glass can be tailored if specified at the time of order.


Our specs for standard hardware are 2 1/8" boring, 2 3/4" backset, 3" backset for handle manufactured on door with heavy duty roller latch.

 Extension Flush Bolts

Extension flush bolts are used on double door units. The flush bolt is the mechanism that locks the inactive leaf of a double door unit. One flush bolt locks into the top of the doorframe and the bottom flush bolt locks into the threshold/floor.

  Weather Stripping

A combination of foam and rubber weather stripping is used around the doorframe. The weather stripped glass frame and the rubber sweep make the door weather tight.

 Optional Swing

There is the option for the swing of the door to be in or out.

 Commercial Installations

If the doors are being used on a commercial building, they must swing out and have a closing mechanism.

 Interior Trim and Finish Carpentry

Door price does not include components of interior trim or finish carpentry.  Remodeling and restoration services are available, as for details.


The weight of the doors will differ depending on the style and size. A 3'0 x 8'0 door weighs approximately 200-250 lbs.

 Steel Frame

The doors come on a pre-hung unit with a steel frame. The steel frame supports the weight of the door and allows ease of installation.


All of our doors come insulated at no additional costs. We use high quality foam insulation that is pumped into the frame and also into the body of the door. We recommend using double pane insulated glass.

 Glass Frame

The glass frame can be tailored to accept almost any glass thickness in accordance with building requirements in your area.

 Independent Glass Panels

All of the glass panels have the ability to open independently on each door, sidelight and transom.  The glass panels on the transoms open from the center creating greater ease for cleaning and ventilation.  In addition, the doors are designed to be able to accommodate window screens that can be permanently in place.


An optional selection of Hand Forged Handle Sets are available for purchase.

Lever handles cannot be used on the inside of a double door as they interfere with the ability to open the independent glass panel.

 Custom Designs

Eyebrow, half circle, and elliptical arches can be used in transom designs.

Any of our designs can be made as a single or double door or with any of the arch shapes incorporated in the design of the top of the door. We can manufacture patio doors or wine cellar entries with simple modifications. We can also custom build new designs according to your needs.

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